Teyen Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.




We follow a series of thorough and rigorous one-stop production process, assuring products of the highest quality to be produced.


CAD drawing files will be processed by our team of professional CAD specialists and the details will then be transmitted to the NCT-CNC production line and also the material department via intranet.


The material department confirms the type of material requested by the customers and then informs the CAD department to initiate production on the production line.

Punch Pressing and Laser Cutting

The steel plates will be processed by NCT punch press and CNC laser cutting machinery by following the workflow of preparation, trial production, FPI (First Piece Inspection), mass production and surface quality inspection, etc.

General processing

After all the work is done on the production line, it then proceeds processing such as tapping, riveting, etc.


Bending sheet and plate material with CNC press brake machinery to form predetermined shapes and forms.


Joining metals by melting the parts and then using a filler to form a joint i.e. spot welding or linear welding.

Initial Inspection

Going through every detail of semi-finished products, making sure everything is fine.

Coating, Electroplating, Silk Screening

We provide complete surface finishing solutions to enhance the performance and maximize the durability of our products thru means of coating and electroplating along with in-house silks screening service, fulfilling customers’ aesthetics needs.

Final Inspection & Packaging

Checking all products for the one last time before packaging in order to spot and eliminate faulty ones which could potentially sabotage the whole batch.

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